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Chahong Volume Curler

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Chahong Volume Curler
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CHAHONG Volume Curler

Hair volume is the foundation for shaping beautiful facial lines and making the hair design last long.

For customers who cannot borrow the hands of a hair stylist every day in their busy lives, This product was jointly developed with Chahong Academy and professional technical researchers to encompass the experiences and solutions of 400 professional designers and 130,000 customers a year at Chahong Hair Salon.

The design and formula that embodies the touches of experts and their sincere consideration aims for sustainable beauty that allows users to care for and truly love themselves.

Product Contents

1. Chahong Volume Curler
Completes Volume J-curl and S-curl to look lively.

2. Volume Roll
Gently touches new hairs and fine hairs to minimize damage and create a deep sense of volume.

3. Volume Brush
Helps to express flexible volume C-curl and volume S-curl.

4. Silicone Pad
Helps the convenience and safety of working with volume styles.

5. Curler Pouch
Quilted to allow both protection and convenience during storage and travel.

6. Product Manual
Provides information on product contents, how-to-use, precautions, along with 9 hair styling guides.

Flow Interface™ for Beautiful Volume

A system that reduces hair damage and increases optimal volume fit and longevity

Designed with the aim of minimizing hair damage as well as producing an organic volume that can be enlivened with the original strength of hair.

When using the product, all of the user's actions from start to finish can be carried out in one flow for comfortable styling by increasing the simplicity and intuition of each movement.
The user can now complete creating natural beauty as if it was touched by a hair expert.

Specially Coated Titanium Barrel

Special titanium coating with its light weight but solid durability is inoffensive to human body.
The coating minimizes hair damage during heat conduction and keeps shiny hair and hair volume for a long time.

The Salon’s Volume Fit of 32.5mm

The salon's volume size of 32.5mm was implemented in the barrel To shape beautiful facial lines and boost the lasting power of hair volume

Specialized Velcro Volume Roll of 3mm

The Titanium-coated barrel and fine voluminous hairs spin at 47 rpm to smoothly cover the hair surface.
With its length of 3mm long hair, it realizes volume with minimal damage even for new and weakened hairs which often get neglected.

Magnetic Flow

To provide comfort when using, the geometric Magnetic Flow enables both fast and convenient attachment and detachment.

Temperature Control System

Manages optimized temperature to reduce hair damage and secure volume.

150℃ - Recommended for thin, damaged hair, to give root volume, when using volume roll
170℃ - Recommended for normal, healthy hair, for using the volume brush
190℃ - Recommended for thick, curly, and healthy hair

47 Revolutions Per Minute

Inspired by the movement of the expert’s hand during their work procedure, it realizes the volume as if it was produced by a professional by applying equivalent rotation speed and direction when handling.

#Chahong Volume Curler Tutorial

Create the style you want with expert advice.

How to (Un)Equip Volume Roll / Volume Brush

Step1) When installing the volume roll/volume brush, press the hook button on the body and insert it according to the shape of the joint on the heating plate.

Step 2) When removing the volume roll/volume brush, press the hook button on the back to remove it.

Be careful when handling the volume roll/volume brush which can be hot as there is a risk of burns.

Care of People & Nature

A portion of the proceeds from all Chahong products will be donated to the World Wildlife Fund (WWF) and we also participate in the World Wildlife Fund's Joint Declaration of Plastic ACTion (PACT).

The package of ChaHong products are only made of eco-friendly materials such as paper buffer and starch adhesive to be recyclable in the future.

Product Info
Product and Model Name CHC2021VC
KC Certification 전자파인증 : R-R-KBV-CHC2021VC / KC안전인증 : JU071774-21001A
For Rated Voltage / Power Consumption Free voltage, AC 220V/60Hz, 50W
Release Date of the Identical Model
Product Specifications
법에 의한 인증·허가 등을 받았음을 확인할 수 있는 경우 그에 대한 사항
Expiration Date or Period of Use after Opening
Cosmetics Manufacturer Dongguan Advanced Products Co., Ltd.
Cosmetics Distributor in Charge CH Cosmetic
Manufacturer (Importer) Dongguan Advanced Products Co., Ltd.
Country of Manufacture China
KMFDS review in accordance with the Cosmetics Act for the case of functional cosmetics
Size 4.8(W)X4.8(D)X33.5(H)cm(전선길이 제외) 505.03g / Toal Box Weight 1.5kg
품질보증 기준
Customer Service Contact +82-2-3445-5465
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